Science Clubbing: a Strategic Contingency for Survival

Oh, how I miss high school. With all that innocence about the real workings of the world and the matching curiosity about it.

And now, as a tribute to the high school kids who are celebrating Science Clubbing month, I’ll write an article about this year’s theme, “Science Clubbing: a Strategic Contingency for Survival.”

There are many theories as to why people started to form organizations. We have the social contract theory which says that we started forming organizations because of our fear of the unknown world. There is also the economic theory which says that we started doing so because we needed to get the most out of the resources given our state of being limited in our capacity to gather them. We have the divine right theory which says that we choose to be led by people whom we believe are connected in one way or another to and with the gods. But whatever may be true, or if all of these are true to varied extents, what’s important is the fact that in organizations, we can do more and we can do better than when we are alone. This is why we form and join organizations nowadays.

And in our age of fast-paced development, globalization of almost every aspect of our lives, and general modernization of not less than one aspect of life, we are faced with the challenge of maximizing our potentials as human beings in order for us to keep up with the pace of all this development. We are faced with the challenge of furthering the collective knowledge that we already have in order for us to increase the chances if survival of our race, of our species. We are faced with many such challenges, and we know we cannot do everything alone. Thus, we need to collaborate with other individuals who are also working in the same field as ours so that we  may increase the efficiency of our work and at the same time improve its quality. We need to cluster in organizations. We need to cooperate with the rest, and at the same time compete with them. It is in light of the principle of competitive exclusion that I say this. Because if we are formed in several groups, we do not only have the benefit of the “two heads” which are “better than one,” but we also tend to compete with other groups and thus make our work better.

But how about high school and even elementary kids? What have they got to do with all these developmental and technological stuff? Can they actually help mankind increase its chances of survival by their mere forming organizations? The answer is yes. It’s almost already passe to quote the Philippine national hero in saying that the young ones are the hope of the nation, but the essence and the power of this statement still holds true even after more than a century. The youth hold the key to the sustainability of the efforts of the human race. Thus, it is necessary that even at an early stage in their lives, the youth are taught how to work and interact with others in groups. But why science clubbing? Why not “Drama Clubbing: a Strategic Contingency for Survival?” The answer is simple: in all these developments that are happening and in the developments to come, science leads the way. Whether it is in medicine, agriculture, climatology, national defense, or any other aspect of advancement we humans may aspire, science is always the easiest and most reliable tool which we can utilize. Thus, starting from their youth, the citizens of this world must be taught to enjoy and love science while also teaching them how to be good team players. In this way, the act of science clubbing becomes the training ground where the minds and hearts of our future leaders will be formed. It is mankind’s contingency for survival, for sustainable survival.

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27 responses to “Science Clubbing: a Strategic Contingency for Survival

    • You are very much welcome. Thank you too for dropping by my blog. You may also want to give me suggestions as to upcoming celebrations in your school wherein you’d need ideas for essays, collages, or posters. :D

      • do you have an essay about the theme science clubbing:a strategic contingency for survival which goes directly to the point of what it means?

        • James,
          The gist of this is actually simple. Science Clubbing will help increase our chances of survival amidst the different threats we face because it will inculcate in the youth (the future leaders and scientists) a sense of interest in science in a was that also encourages team work.
          Hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

  1. ..naman! Kaya pala gus2 niang mbasa q tlaga, sobrang astig kc..bukod sa npkaganda ng pgkakagawa ng essay, sobrang astig pa ng message. I kn0w, d lang aq ang may n22nan d2.. Nice gab., keep up d g0od w0rk.. Ur my id0l.. !

    • yah. nagdakulo man ya talinga ko.. hehe.
      salamat talaga kuya Chanu. BAsa ka pang iba kong posts… tapos kung may naiisip kang pwede kong pagsuratan na topic,,, tawan mo man akong idea. haha. amo?

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